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Immagine Steven Taylor
Moodle Evaluation Survey
di Steven Taylor - Thursday, 11 May 2017, 11:56

If you haven't already, please complete the Moodle Evaluation Survey. It will be closed on Wednesday May 17.

Workshop: Intro to 3D Printing at the PPLD Makerspace
di Baynard Bailey - Thursday, 20 April 2017, 11:24

4/26 Wednesday 3:30 Library Electronic Classroom

Want to learn how to send 3D print jobs to the local public library? Come to this workshop!

Technology Instructor Betty Cooper from the Poughkeepsie Public Library will train users to access 3D printing services available at the Adriance Branch library's makerspace.

3D Printer Makerbot printing the PPLD library logo for more information

Academic Computing Services will be on hand to discuss campus resources for 3D printing for academic projects.
Workshop: Python + Twilio + Raspberry Pi: Creating a Texting Chatbot
di Baynard Bailey - Monday, 17 April 2017, 11:29

Wednesday 4/19 3:30 pm Library Electronic Classroom

python workshop logo

Want to learn Python but don’t have any good uses for it? How about creating a chatbot that you can send text messages when you message it! In this workshop, we will go through the fundamentals of Python, a powerful programming language, and use Twilio, a programmatic texting service, to allow a Raspberry Pi, a mini-computer, to be able to send you text messages whenever you send it a text. No programming experience required! 

Led by Sufyan Abbasi '18, sponsored by ACS.