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Collaboration Studio Event: What’s my Line?: Choosing Resources and Topics that work for you
2018年 09月 24日(Monday) 15:00 - Baynard Bailey の投稿

What’s my Line?: Choosing Resources and Topics that work for you 

What's my line font from the tv show

09/27 Thursday 4:00 - 5:00 Collaboration Studio

Meet a Vassar librarian, ask questions, and explore topics for papers. Please come to this casual environment to learn more about library and information resources in order to write great papers! Debra Bucher

Workshop: The Wonderful World of Google Slides
2018年 09月 17日(Monday) 11:47 - Baynard Bailey の投稿

Expanding Possibilities: The Wonderful World of Google Slides

google slides logo

09/19 Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30 Library Electronic Classroom 160

The Google Slides cloud application is an powerful and flexible platform capable of so much more than just presentations. See how it can be used to create posters, media rich documents, interactive theses and more! You will be amazed! Led by Karly Andreassen '20.

Workshop: E-Sewing
2018年 09月 7日(Friday) 13:54 - Baynard Bailey の投稿

9/14 Friday 1:00 - 2:00 Collaboration Studio (Main Library)

LilyPad labeled circuit for e-sewing

Learn how to use electronic sewing to jazz up your craft projects! 14 e-sewing kits available; feel free to partner up with a friend. 

"Registration is limited to the number of kits; multiple people can submit one registration if you'd like to share a kit." Click here to register. Workshop Outline

画像 Amy Laughlin
Announcing the New Art 105 Website!
2018年 08月 29日(Wednesday) 09:19 - Amy Laughlin の投稿

Come browse the site if you are a student interested in taking Art 105 or a faculty member looking to organize your course materials using Google Sites.

For more information please email Amy Laughlin or Academic Computing Services at