Welcome to the Premed Moodle Site
This site will allow you to manage your application, communicate with others in the application process, ask questions, and share feedback. Please let me know if there is something you would like to see added to the site.

Visit often and please contribute as you see fit. The site will be effective if we collaborate to make it useful.

Best wishes in the cycle. The premedical advisory committee and I are here to support you in this process. Keep us posted of your progress and plans! 

Sincerely, Lisa Kooperman

This course is for students who wish to host and register a party at Vassar College. All students must complete the course in order to have a party on campus.

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (RSL) helps students integrate lives of passionate commitment, embodied practice and intellectual critique at Vassar and beyond. Our programs articulate a lively public role for religious imagination and ensure that opportunities for spiritual and democratic formation are part of the demanding and creative education Vassar offers - for the religiously devoted, the spiritually curious and the radically questioning.

Supplemental Instruction is a peer facilitated academic support program for students taking Math 121, Math 126, Math 127,  and Chemistry 108, 109, 125, 244, 245. Specially trained students, known as SI leaders, who have excelled in these courses, sit in on the classes with current students taking those subjects for the first time, and then lead discussion groups outside of class time. These groups allow students to augment their understanding of course material, and to carve out time to review or supplement their learning. Students who have been part of SI report better grades in science and math, better study habits, and a greater propensity to take more advanced courses in their disciplines.