Course Materials for Theoretical Econometrics

This Moodle contains the materials for a course that I taught at Middlebury College in the Fall 2012.  I experimented with flipping the classroom, having the students watch lectures in videos before class and then doing problems together in class.  The videos were produced with Camtasia.  Having made them, I can see lots of ways to improve them.  Comments from others are welcome, too.

Here is the description of the course that I gave to the students:

Theoretical Econometrics will introduce students to the theoretical reasoning underpinning regression analysis as covered in ECON 0211. The course will begin with regression analysis as a method of data summary, focusing on geometric properties that hold for all data sets. We will introduce progressively the assumptions of the classical linear regression model to provide clear relationships between probabilistic assumptions and statistical properties and the arguments that justify them. We will conclude by exploring generalizations to basic regression that are motivated by violations of the classical assumptions. Throughout the course, students will encounter the interaction between economic and econometric modeling. (ECON 0211) 3 hrs. lect.

This is a "meta-course" site; It holds the readings, etc. for different WMST 130 course sites. All students who are enrolled in WMST-130 course sites will automatically be enrolled in this site as well.