Welcome to ED 162! Together, we will teach and learn about the purpose(s) of the educational system in the United States from a historical, structural, theoretical, and political perspective. Throughout the course, I want us to keep in mind three questions: Who benefits the most from U.S. schools? Should everyone have access to everything U.S. schools have to offer or should there be a selection process? Why does schooling matter?

This course fulfills the Freshman Writing Seminar requirement so we will be putting an extra emphasis on writing coherent, clear, and purposeful papers that present your best ideas to the reader. Opportunities to receive feedback on early drafts of your papers will be made available as well as referrals to other writing resources on campus and online.

The expectations for the course are simple: Be prepared, be present, be respectful, and be you.
o “Be Prepared” means that you are expected to complete all readings and assignments when they are due.
o “Be Present” means that when you are in class, with your writing group, and/or at office hours, that we have your attention and that you are with us.
o “Be Respectful” means that whenever we disagree with another and/or have our beliefs challenged we will maintain a level of care and humanity towards one another. Validating one another’s humanity is one of the most important things we can do to build community.
o “Be You” means be yourself. I am not searching for the “right” answer but I am searching for your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Our class discussions will be enriched by the diversity of our lived and learned experiences.